Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Luxury African fashion made in South Africa

Designing, producing and distributing incredible fashion items is obviously what keeps a trend like African fashion alive and kicking, but without a proper and relevant promotion work all of this would be in vain, and that's why initiatives like African Fashion International are also responsible for putting African fashion right where it belongs, and that's among the top.

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Based in Benmore, South Africa, they consider themselves as "pioneers in luxury African fashion", and we believe they deserve that consideration, giving an unmatched opportunity to some of the most requested African fashion brands around to showcase and present their creations, being responsible for organizing two most acclaimed fashion events in Cape Town and Joburg, in association with world class car producer Mercedes-Benz.

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If displaying and finding clients for your creations has always been difficult, specially in such a competitive and thriving sector as the fashion scene, then without initiatives like these it would be even harder to find a spotlight for new designers, and even if luxury African fashion will always remain as approachless for small creators and entrepreneurs, they're still part of the same game, but in a different league.

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