Friday, November 4, 2016

Feel the Dashiki Fever!

It's already out there, and it has arrived to stay. Everybody's talking about them because they look so nice on ladies, men, children... just amazing how this item is becoming a real trend, not only for African fashion lovers, but even crossing the border into mainstream clothing. Of course, we're talking about these lovely dashikis all over the place.

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Just a few months ago it was still an extravagance and something quite rare to see on the streets, at least among non African people, but today you have noticed that a lot of fashion victims love the dashiki to wear a piece of exotic and colorful fashion once in a while. The influence of traditional African patterns and the Ankara wax designs have been brightly combined with an standard t-shirt cut to bring a fresh breeze to your wardrobe.

Zuvaa, Etsy or Africa Imports can offer you some beautiful and affordable pieces for you to choose, but you shouldn't miss a big one for this product, and that's Dashiki Pride, with so many cuts, sizes and designs to make you embrace the trend. For you people living in North America and Europe, you'll still have to wait for the springtime again to feel the fever, but what's clear is that dashikis are here to stay.

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