Wednesday, November 30, 2016

African Fabrics Online: Jansen Holland

What would be of African fashion without some nice wax prints? There would still be something, as Africa is such a strong continent that African people would still take a little bit of something known and build a whole new creation out of it, that's for sure. Nevertheless, today wax prints are representing the most popular and familiar picture of African fashion worldwide, and that's why we always enjoy discovering interesting brands and companies working hard on it.


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This time we wanted to introduce you a well known European wax print wholesaler and retailer: Jansen Holland. It's amazing how this dutch company has made it possible to survive after 80 years of trading history, and not only that, but also to grow up and remain as one of the top selling and most respected names in its field worldwide. That's obviously a matter of quality, tradition, savoir faire and passion about African design, and even in such a competitive market these kind of companies are moving nowadays, it wouldn't be hard to believe that they'll still be there in another 80 years from today.

What else can we say, just check their website out and discover the top designers and producers they work with: Vlisco, Julius Holland, Bauer... and of course the fantastic collection of wax blocks, javas and superwaxs they're selling. If your store is needing a trustworthy supply partner, they might be your choice.

Jansen Holland: Online African fabric shop 

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