Friday, October 14, 2016

Style, Fashion and Clothing "Made in Africa"

Even though there's still a long way to run in order to put "Brand Africa" right where it deserves and belongs in the international fashion scene, its power and growth has become an interest for many experts and observers around the globe. It's clear and undeniable that African fashion today is reaching popularity levels not quite similar to anything happened in the past, and as prominent nigerian designer Oke-Lawal recently said for African Business Magazine, "The fashion industry in Africa (...) is literally unstoppable, fresh and highly profitable".

African Dresses African Style African Clothing

Key elements to create a real worldwide trend out of a local or continental habit are already there: talented designers, hard working producers and retailers, and of course proud clients ready to wear their African colors. But it's also evident that, without proper supply, infrastructures, distribution, promotion and partners, any emerging industry shall be forced to face endless difficulties. African people know how to face difficulties though, and that might be the reason for the power, freshness and liveliness of its fashion.

The role played by online stores and shops could be the most important in the equation, as it is actually allowing almost any retailer to make authentic and quality "Made in Africa" products available for clients internationally, fighting back traditional distribution barriers and gaining a spot in today's fashion market, where African fashion is still representing a small piece of the whole cake: let's say this piece is going to get bigger very soon, hopefully.

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