Monday, October 17, 2016

Konga: African fashion and clothing online

Online stores around the globe are finally offering clothing, accessories and fashion in general as market products to be reckoned with, and in this case African fashion is not an exception. As one of the most interesting examples in the African scene today there's Konga, a nigerian online retailer brand offering a huge variety of consumer products, including African fashion at popular prices as a kind of commercial cornerstone.

African Dresses African Dress African Clothes

Even if consumer trends may absolutely vary from one country to another, with a lot of factors playing a role in defining the kind of market a population is demanding, emerging African economies are also ready to take advantage of what new technologies can offer in online shopping, and obviously a country like Nigeria, with such economic and cultural potentials, not forgetting its 180 million citizens, was waiting for an online platform like this, easily purchasing online what might be difficult and harder to find on the streets.

African clothes and designs are little by little becoming a big player in today's international fashion market, and this fact is not only being showed through major fashion weeks and magazines, regular people are embracing this tendency as well, now that better technological gadgets and networks are increasingly being made available all across the African continent. 

Konga, African clothing retailer 

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