Friday, October 7, 2016

African fashion is trendy again

Well, it looks like African fashion is becoming trendy again, but not only in some Western countries where African communities have settled down during the last decades, also in Africa as well, and even if it may sound weird for many outsiders, maybe believing that it was the way it has always been, the populations in many African countries were (and still are) choosing Western clothes as their first choice to get dressed everyday. We found this really interesting article in Global Press Journal

African Print Dress African Print Dresses

Something is changing today though, as many African women and men are moving closer to the African style of clothing again, probably after feeling how Africa is cool and fashionable again: if Europe and North America are enriching their popular cultures by introducing African designs in their people's wardrobes, why should Africa remain wearing low quality Western clothes?

Maybe that's another point we should add to the equation: not everybody in Africa can still afford to get these nice African print dresses the way the would, as demand and business competition have increased retail prices as well. Let's see if the market evolves in a positive way so that the real owners of this modern African style could enjoy it equally as they do somewhere far way from Africa.

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