Friday, October 21, 2016

African fashion for everybody: D'iyanu

Let's check out another interesting online store for some African inspired fashion, okay? This time you should give D'iyanu a try, because we're talking about a Philadelphia based shop dedicated to some chic and elegant African clothing, presenting you some really nice print dresses designed with care and the way we like them, choosing a lot of fancy and colorful patterns.

African Dresses African Clothing African Print Dresses

From sexy skirts to classy pants and shorts, from colorful tops to a nice selection of menswear, including sweaters, shirts... they even have bow-ties! Don't miss those beautiful dashiki t-shirts driving everybody crazy out there right now. Kids have their place as well, specially our little girls. And of course, how could we talk about African fashion without a selection of wonderful African print dresses: you are going to find an attractive handful of them right there.

But if there's something you should just love about D'iyanu, it has to be their open and unprejudiced vision of African fashion, truly believing that any woman has a chance to dress and feel the way she wants, not caring about the typical fashion standards. You will find the right dress for you even if you can't match Rihanna's clothing size: maxi dresses have never been that fashionable, so maybe our celebrity designers should start thinking more about the real women out there, and not only about their perfect looking top models, don't you think?

D'iyanu: Bold, chic and modern African print

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