Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles

We love Los Angeles, and last week was one of the best to be around there and enjoy the scene. This year's Africa Fashion Week was as exciting as expected, combining elegant fashion shows and press conferences to showcase the most fresh and trendy African fashion for this season. Top designers and top models were obviously there, and a very interesting conference hosting a handful of talented female entrepreneurs was one of the highlights for visitors from all over California.

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The Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles has become a major event for talented designers, hard working retailers and eager fashion victims in the US, and since its inception back in 2011, it has given an opportunity to unite and join the African fashion community in Southern California, initially as a response to the most popular New York's edition of the event. Los Angeles has demanded its right to be put on the map of America's African fashion road map.

Listening to such talented female figures in the industry as Claire Sulmers, Ayanna James, Tina Tangalakis or Seju Mike could be inspiring for a lot of fashion newcomers, and bringing out initiatives like this clearly shows how fashion is much more than just getting fancy clothes, it should be taken as a way for struggling female creators around the globe to find their own places and show what women are made of.

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